VISION: Enjoy the seas in a sustainable way

Q Yachts is the leading global electric boat brand in 2026. Our Vision is to set the standard in electric boating. For the consumer this means ease of use, minimal maintenance, safety, and unique boating experience. For the industry we set the target of minimum waste and pollution in production approaching a 100% sustainable product.

MISSION: Make boating attractive for all

We deliver truly sustainable boating by producing high quality electric boats with focus on design and technology. Our solution offers our customers carefree boating meaning less maintenance and zero emissions. Q Yachts provides the smoothest and most silent motor boat on the market — a unique experience where the journey itself truly becomes the destination while preserving the nature.

Founding idea

Q Yachts is a electric boat developer. The company is established in 2016 with production located in Finland. The success of Q Yachts is based on visionary thinking and a capacity to successfully combine high-end technology and elegant design.

One of the core ideas of Q Yachts is to build boats that require low maintenance. This idea comes from Janne Kjellman, founder of Q Yachts. As a keen sailor, Kjellman set a goal already over a decade ago to develop a silent and sustainable propulsion system for boats. Q Yachts was conceived with the clear vision of bringing an electric motorboat to the market offering the same experience of speed and silence that you experience on a performance sailing yacht. The key characteristic of Q Yachts is silence and this unique concept is called Electric Silence. Thanks to the hydrodynamically optimised hull, the boats are incredibly energy efficient, silent and produce minimal wake.